Magical desert landscapes, pastoral atmosphere of wellness and relaxation make your stay with us a real experience! Warm home-style accommodation, backpackers, hikers, or families, including counseling and advice on trips in Arad and its surroundings.
3 well-appointed rooms and luxurious, 10 single beds, the possibility of a double room with an extra bed, delightful wide with barbeque, picnic and their table, landscaped garden. Rooms in private houses.
Tandem tourism accommodation "provides peace and relaxation in a quiet atmosphere, personal service courteous and professional that provides recreation and a unique sense of magic, which turns your vacation into an unforgettable experience.
For your convenience, a therapeutic clinic, respiratory diseases, skin diseases and orthopedics
Our accommodation on the basis that includes accommodation, luxurious breakfast option, salt room entrance nominal fee for reservations of 3 nights
The swimming pool is 150 meters (season)
25 minutes' drive from the Dead Sea
For inquiries and reservations: 054-5439980
Complementary experience for body and soul …

מאפייני עסק

  • WiFi
  • טיפולי ספא
  • טלויזיה בכבלים/לווין
  • מגישים ארוחת בוקר
  • מיזוג אוויר
  • מרפסת
  • עמדת מנגל
  • רומנטי



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